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Live Resin

Hitting potency of 95%, our live resin will leave you with the tastiest flavor that you won’t soon forget.


Always easy to break off those fat dabs, that melt and that taste will have you coming back for more.


There is nothing quite like Brass Monkey’s stable, fluffy, golden crumble to easily fill your blunt with.

a little bit of

our history

Brass Monkey started out as just a topic of conversation amongst friends on a long drive that became a business. Fast forward to today – Brass Monkey is alive and well. We’ve been putting in work to make a name for ourselves all over Southern California,

and our satisfied patients can attest to our consistency and stability.

Our team is more like a family, and it shows through the quality of our products. After all, what better way to make concentrates than “with love”? And with our senior lab technicians having over 10 years of experience in the cannabis industry, you can expect a very high quality to come with it. Producing clean extracts with potencies ranging between 70%-95% THC, Brass Monkey products are heavy hitters every single time.

The best part of it all? We like to ensure that price points for our products remain on the affordable end. Clients around our hometown start point of San Diego gave us the slogan “Ballin’ on a Budget”, and we wear it with pride. Brass Monkey loves the patients, and we the patients to feel all the love!

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