Secret Sesh NYE in LA

Brass Monkey - Secret Sesh LA NYE 2018


Secret Sesh NYE in Los Angeles 12/31/17


Secret Sesh NYE 2018 in Los Angeles California

Since the beginning of 2017 started with the infamous ‘Hollyweed’ sign, it only made sense to end the year with a Secret Sesh bash in L.A. One could describe Secret Sesh, a weekly cannabis event, as an amazing smoke session with DJ’s and the best products the industry has to offer. Attendees relish in free goods and exclusive deals, plus the chance to see upcoming products and bestsellers. With over two dozen sponsors at the NYE event, lucky attendees had plenty of freebies to try out. 


The lines to get in formed before doors even opened, and Brass Monkey took this opportunity to showcase their new and popular concentrates in the main room. Although this was their first local event, Brass Monkey received nothing but love. Their staff no doubt had much to do with the praise they received, that being Teph, Melly, and Daisy. Melly and Daisy were more than generous in giving out the best free dabs, attracting a crowd to gather around their booth and bringing in donations. The feedback from pleased attendees said it all, as they posed for pictures with the girls and shared their Instagram-worthy moments online. Brass Monkey definitely had fans on social media, as they were tagged in many pictures of people showing off their goodies, like LIL DRAWZ and BETTY KROCKER. The main DJ of Secret Sesh events, DJ Salam Wreck, even gave them a shoutout as Teph gave out dabs and merch onstage.


Dab Girl Dabbing Brass Monkey at Secret Sesh NYE '18 in Los AngelesAttendees constantly raved about the terpy taste of Brass Monkey waxes, since Teph, Melly, and Daisy were almost always handing out samples. They were motivated by the positive energy flowing throughout the entire event, the stellar music, and more so by passerby fans who sported their hats and patches. This successful first run as vendors confirms that this won’t be their last, especially as attendees continue to rave about their wax samples on social media.


These new fans and supporters couldn’t have been possible without TooToneTV, who created this unforgettable sesh. Congratulations to all the vendors who took the time to show off their best products, and thank you to the lovely ladies who kept people coming back! Teph, Melly, and Daisy brought the charm and wisdom, Brass Monkey brought the great products that can’t be missed in 2018.


Secret Sesh LA NYE ’18

Photos: Eman Baha


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