“Feathery cloud of concentrate”

There is nothing quite like Brass Monkey’s stable, fluffy, golden crumble to easily fill your blunt with. Our loud tasting and hard hitting crumble gives patients a connoisseur grade high, while offering a wide variety of strains for patients to try. Top your flower with a sprinkle of any of our crumbles and you’re guaranteed to start your day right.

Crumble Concentrates

Nothing can make your blunt better than a smear of Brass Monkey crumble. Pepper in any of our flavors with with your flower and you’ll get just the kick you need. Many cannabis consumers go through a process where their tolerance increases. With higher potency levels, a Brass Monkey filled blunt is just the cure for that.


Crumble’s consistency is just like its name. It’s granulated texture means it can be pressed or molded by hand. Some crumbles can be more of a powder, making it harder to work with, Scooping up a glob or simple dropping it into your nail is ideal!


Malleable solvent with higher potency is what Brass Monkey wax strives for. Our Ogre Crumble has won a most potent award!  


Crumble not for you? Try our Shatter or Live Resin!


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