“Our amber-glass breakable beauty”

Our amber-glass consistency shatter sets the bar for concentrates. Coupled with clean colors and pure transparency, the quality and affordability of Brass Monkey shatter goes unmatched in San Diego. Always easy to break off those fat dabs, that melt and that taste will have you coming back for more.

Shatter Concentrates

Opaque and clear, shatter has the quality that many can say make it the purest of concentrates. Shatter is translucent due to the fact that its molecules are left unagitated, unlike crumble. Don’t mistake consistency for potency though! That lies in the quality of the cannabis itself, which we at Brass Monkey always stand by.


With shiny slabs and glossy tops, breaking of a piece of Brass Monkey shatter and taking it to the dome is an experience every cannabis consumer can get with. Shatter is easy to work with and simple to dab, with our shatter always testing high in potency, our wax can truly attest to be one of the finest in Southern California.


Stability is what makes shatter so popular among dabbers. Many mistake the lighter, more clear strains means more THC, which is not true. Cloudy vs. crystal clear is all in the make-up of the molecules!


Shatter not your style? Try our Crumble or Live Resin!


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