Live Resin

“The high that just won’t quit”

Brass Monkey’s live resin concentrate has a high terp-to-THC ratio. The dedicated extraction process pulls out those fresh trichomes to get the heavy smell and that saucy savor that showcases the live quality of the THC. Hitting potency of 95%, our live resin will leave you with the tastiest flavor that you won’t soon forget.

Live Resin Concentrates

Live resin is extracted through a process in which the bud doesn’t dry out before blasting. That means when the BHO pulls through, it only pulls the best of the best. This brings out that “live” quality that you really feel with each hit. The quality is all in the trichomes.


Extracting from fresh plants before they go through the drying and curing process makes for higher full-spectrum terpene levels, cleaner flavor profiles, and a distinct texture and consistency.


Brass Monkey really prides itself on our live resin extracts. Winning several first place awards in almost every concentrate cup it has entered, including @Kushstock, @SkateNBake, and @SanDiegoFarmersMarket, our gold concentrate wins gold!


Live Resin hit too hard for you? Try out our Crumble or Shatter!


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