Properly Storing Concentrates

Silicone Jar

Cannabis Concentrates can’t be stored anywhere, as the consistency of the product can vary. Finding the best method for storing is important because it will increase the longevity of the potency and flavor. Finding the proper storage container to have handy for ALL types is your best bet. For example, if you were to store shatter in a glass jar, most of the product will get stuck to the glass making it very difficult to get it out when you’re ready. Crumble and Live Resin works best for glass containers, as the consistency tends to be a bit more dry rather than sticky. So what kind of container can you use for BOTH? The answer is a Silicone Jar/Container. It  is the most ideal and versatile for all types of concentrates because you can usually get all of it off and helps it remain uncontaminated. We recommend using this type of storage for short term use. If you finish yours in about a week or two, this is a great method. Silicone containers exactly “air tight” so if you are storing for long term use we recommend something more like parchment paper in a cool, dark place, like your kitchen freezer.