Abandoned Missile Base Shoot

Abandoned Missile Base Shoot

@garrettmowbray worked Brass Monkey Gear to it’s finest.
Styled by @kendra_nu, Garrett monkeyed around the site while we snapped his look.
We drove up to the top of Oat Mountain, dirt roads with construction indented moguls racking our suspension, and through the chain link fences to Nike Old Abandoned Missile site.
About the 4th chain link fence in we spot writing the on concrete. “Free Tacos This Way” and “Here to your next mission”. Following the signs we find our spot.

A decrepit rusted bus sat in front of a gutted out building covered in graffiti over looking Santa Clarita.
The air was dry and quiet, only hearing the grass cut with the wind, and the faint sound of buzzing from the massive beehive that had made it’s home on the crumbling walls next to us.
Beyond the first broken building, we walked to the other eerie spots down the road as the sun moved over the mountains. Further back into the site was the what seemed to the entrance of the missile silo. With “DON’T OPEN DEAD INSIDE” sprayed pointing into the silo, we decided not to adventure into the depths this time around. An opportunity missed maybe, but the Brass Monkey team wasn’t about to get lost in the mountain after a stoney adventure like this one.

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